Essential Safety Measures are defined as the fire and life safety items installed or constructed in a building to ensure adequate levels of fire safety over the life of a building.  

Every building owner is obligated to maintain the Essential Safety Measures installed their  building under part 12 of the 2006 Building Regulations (Vic).

Buildings constructed or substantially renovated after 1994 are issued with an Occupancy Permit which defines the Essential Safety Measures located in the building. The permit also defines the maintenance program required for each Essential Safety Measure. Under part 12 of the 2006 Building regulations (Vic), owners of these properties are required to maintain all Essential Safety Measures installed on the property as prescribed and to annually report on their maintenance by completing an Essential Safety Measures Report.

Buildings constructed before 1994, have no specified schedule of Essential Safety Measures.  Owners however, are still required to maintain any  Measures installed on the property.

Under new regulations introduced in 2006, all buildings in Victoria (except freestanding homes) must complete an annual Essential Safety Measures Report commencing June 13, 2009. To achieve this a compliant maintenance program must be in place by June 13, 2008.

Buildcheck is available to identify all Essential Safety measures in a building, commence a compliant maintenance program and complete an Essential Safety Measures Report.

  Emergency Lighting
  Emergency Power
  Emergency Lifts
  Exit Doors
  Exit Signs 
  Fire Control Centres
  Fire Doors
  Fire Extinguishers
  Fire Alarms
  Fire detectors
  Fire Hose Reels
  Fire Hydrants
  Fire Isolated Stairs
  Paths Of Travel
  Smoke Detectors
  Sprinkler Systems
  Stair Pressurisation
  Warning Systems

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